I'm Back!!!

Hey everyone!! I'm back after taking about a year off from scraps. I had a lot of personal and family issues to deal with. And wow what a year it's been. I lost 3 very special people to me. First I lost my Step Mom in Aug. 09, Than my grandfather whom I've been helping take care of your the past few years, My grandfather passed away on Oct 20th 2009, Then as if it couldn't get any worse I lost my Dad Dec. 8th 2009. So in a matter of 5 months I had lost 3 very special people to me. So I was in no state to be able to make anything. But life is slowing getting back to normal. I'm still having a very hard time dealing with the loss of my father. But I know it takes time.
But on a happier note, I also met an awesome man in my year off. We now live together and are very happy together. My son is doing great and will be starting Kindergarden this year. It seems like just yesterday he was born and I got into the psp world. Well I'm just happy to be back.
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