I Got An Award

Dawn from sugar kissed scraps gave me this award. Thank you so much hun. Your AWESOME!!
Now I have to pass it onto 4 people and explain why I picked them. And this is really hard because there are so many amazing people whom I love to death.
My 1st pick is my girl Missy -
And I pick her because she is an awesome friend, someone I trust 200%. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. I love you girl!! Hope your surgery goes okay.
My 2nd pick is my other best buddy Dani -
And I pick her because she is also a great friend, who is always there for me. Who never fails to annoy the crap out of me. HAHA you know I love ya.
My 3rd pick is Teresa -
And I pick her because anyone who knows her loves her, she is a total sweetheart!! And her EVERYTHING she does rocks. One of the best taggers, tutorial writers, scrap designers I have ever known. And always there to help me anytime I need help. I love her to death too.
And my 4th pick is Dana -
And I pick Dana because she is an awesome girl, with a great heart. She is a true friend who was so wonderful with helping me learn how to do scraps. She gave me my first chance in a scrap store and believed in me. And she is another amazing scrap designer. And runs a great scrap store. I love ya girl!!


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